eleanor and john

hi all at ultrasound dimensions
we had a really lovely experience with you last sunday week. i’ve been carrying the box with dvd and photos wherever i go since. my 96-year old grandmother remained riveted to the screen for the whole length of the dvd – the only other media events that capture her attention so vividly are coronation street and the world snooker championships! my father pointed out that my grandmother’s mother had once declared that there simply could never be such thing as a cart without a horse (when she hear rumours of the motor car) and here her daughter was watching a real time dvd of a baby moving and grooving inside a womb – no wonder my grandmother was so blown away!
as for john, my boyfriend, i think seeing his baby on a large flat-screen tv from a comfortable chair fueled the dawning of realisation that we are actually about to have a real, live child in our life. up until this point, he’s been more aware that his girlfriend is changing shape and everyone keeps asking after her well-being. now i think he might be looking a little beyond that towards the notion of holding, touching, feeding, hearing, smelling and loving a little baby.
and me – well, the reason i wanted to go for the scan is that ever since i started feeling the baby moving around inside me (which happened after my last scan at 20 weeks), i’ve wanted to have one more look – it’s so fascinating to know that there is a life doing it’s own thing in there. and there he/she was, rubbing his/her eyes, chewing on his/her forearm, kicking his/her little legs up and down, totally content in his/her cosy world, which, amazingly, is on the inside of my body. it’s incredible to see. i’ve never been one for leaping at new technology with boundless enthusiasm, i tend to sniff around it skeptically like a cat for a while, but this is one occasion when i was delighted to embrace the wonders of modern science!
lots of our friends thought we were a little nuts to pay good money for a non-medical scan, when the hospital provides all we require for free. but as a couple who don’t drink and don’t splurge on meals out too often, we decided it was an expenditure that we considered worthwhile. and having been there and been enjoying showing friends and family the results, we definitely made a good decision.

thanks again and all the best,
eleanor and john

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