Just a short note to let you know I was very happy with your service.  You really have a fantastic set up.  You are extremely professional and pleasant and you are also so genuine and made me feel at ease.  I had 3/4 scans at a hospital since I have found out I was pregnant this time and going to Ultrasound Dimensions is the first scan I have actually relaxed and enjoyed the whole experience.  The last time I went to the hospital I came out so upset after the doc making me feel like I was in the way or putting her out.

It is so worthwhile paying for a private scan for the comfort, enjoyment and also reassurance to know everything is ok.  It was also so great having a cd to show my boyfriend and mother.

I will most likely be back in a few weeks in between scans with my hospital appointments.

Apologies for rambling and many thanks again you really have a great service there.

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