Breast Lump Ultrasound Scan

Exam Time: 15-20 minutes
Exam Price: €150.00 (Medical card: €130.00)

3,300 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, according to the Irish cancer society. 

What is this scan?

We offer a targeted breast ultrasound for any patient that has found a lump in her breast. We specifically look at a limited area of the breast where the lump is located.


We understand how devastating it can be when you feel a lump in your breast. Every hour and day waiting for a diagnosis adds to the stress.


Fortunately, most breast lumps are benign and of no concern but its important to have this lump characterised as quickly as possible. Ultrasound is often the first line of imaging as it is radiation-free painless, easy and fast.

What this scan is not?

This scan is not a breast screening but is a targeted ultrasound examination specifically limited to the area of the breast where the lump is located.

Imaging Examples:
Below are some examples of breast imaging.


Please note:
(of a disease) not harmful in effect: in particular, (of a tumor) not malignant.
Malignant: (of a disease) very virulent or infectious.

Breast Scan Examples

If there is ongoing clinical concern attendance to a symptomatic breast clinic is advised to further characterise findings.

You do not need a referral to attend our centre. 

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