Point of Care Ultrasound Training

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Point of Care Ultrasound Training in Dublin:

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Learn how to utilize bedside ultrasound in your primary care centre to improve patient care.

Training Overview:

The Introduction to the Point of Care Ultrasound course is designed for primary care providers who wish to become proficient in basic concepts of ultrasound scanning at the bedside. It is appropriate for physicians and nurse practitioners who work in a primary care setting.
Such things as urinary retention, aortic aneurysm or Mirena coil placement can easily be determined with a trained eye. This course can also be useful for those in need of a refresher or an opportunity to develop basic skills in a number of basic ultrasound examinations that can be integrated into the primary care practice. This course is meant to teach ultrasound to primary care providers for simple examinations only not complex studies.

Attendees will develop basic skills for using basic ultrasound principles. This introductory program is taught by qualified and experienced ultrasound professionals and educators with a passion for their work.

Attendees will spend time in this two-day program on practical hands on scanning exercises using live models with no more than a 4:1 ratio of instructor to students.

This comprehensive Introduction to Point of Care ultrasound course will provide attendees with the skills and confidence to acquire and interpret basic ultrasound imaging.

Course Objectives:

To provide an overview of the physical principles, common artifacts and pitfalls associated with ultrasound
To provide scanning skills required in maximising diagnostic ability
To provide an understanding of the protocols required in answering common clinical questions
To perform basic ultrasound examinations of the abdominal aorta, gallbladder, urinary bladder, and the endometrium for IUD placement.
To help those GP who are assisting patients trying to conceive how to recognize sonographic findings that suggests ovulation has occurred.
The Introduction to Point of Care Ultrasound program is intended for those primary care providers who want to include ultrasound in their diagnostic tool box and either have none or minimal experience using ultrasound. The course will provide the attendee a comprehensive experience with those procedures that can be used at the point of care in their practice. The program will also be useful to those who wish to brush up their ultrasound skills.

Specific Topics Include:

Basic practical physics, “knobology” and artifacts
Probe manipulation techniques
Relevant anatomy
Common pathologies
Protocols for
– Urinary bladder retention
– Gallbladder
– IUD placement
– Deep vein thrombosis

Completion of the Course:
You will have improved knowledge and basic understanding of the use of ultrasound in a primary care setting.

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