Ultrasound Training For General Practitioners (Point of Care Ultrasound)

Bring Diagnostic Ultrasound to your Practice and Patients
Next course:  Dublin: February 9 & 10, 2019 

Ultrasound Training For General Practitioners (Point of Care Ultrasound)

It is time for the practice of family medicine to begin using POCUS so that your patients may experience its benefits in the hands of the physician they trust most – their GP.

By having ultrasound as another diagnostic tool by your side, and being able to view anatomy in real time can help you to clarify findings when performing a physical exam. You use your hands to clinically assess a patient and use what information a stethoscope can provide but now with affordable smaller ultrasound units you can also see, what’s going on inside.

Next course: February 9 & 10, 2019

Training Overview:
The Introduction to the Point of Care Ultrasound course is designed for primary care providers who wish to become proficient in basic ultrasound techniques for scanning at the bedside. It is appropriate for physicians and nurse practitioners who work in a primary care setting to use ultrasound to rule in rather than rule out such things as urinary retention, aortic aneurysm, mirena coil placement, gallstones, or an intrauterine pregnancy. These and more can easily be diagnosed in the hands of an experienced ultrasound practitioner.

This course can also be useful for those who would like a refresher or an opportunity to develop further in a number of basic ultrasound examinations. There are multiple examinations that can be integrated into a primary care practice.

This program is taught by a qualified and experienced ultrasound professional and adjunct educators with a passion for their work and over 25 years of experience.

Attendees will have lots of hands-on time in this two-day program using live models. You can watch teaching videos and read lots of material, but without getting hands-on teaching, putting that knowledge into practice, it can be challenging to feel confident. There will be no more than a 4:1 ratio of instructor to students.

Course Objectives:
• Understanding the principles of ultrasound
• Basic Knobology
• Creating a perfect image
• Plenty of hands-on scanning
• Printed guidelines for later reference
• Go away informed excited and motivated

The Introduction to Point of Care Ultrasound program is intended for those primary care providers who want to include ultrasound in their diagnostic toolbox. You don’t have to have any previous ultrasound training. This program will also be useful for those who wish to increase their ultrasound skills. This comprehensive introduction to point of care ultrasound will provide attendees with the skills and the confidence to take ultrasound back to the bedside.

Core Clinical Applications will Include:
• Screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm
• Confirming intrauterine pregnancy, cardiac activity, confirming dates
• Identifying ascites in a patient with a distended abdomen
• Assessing for hydronephrosis
• Assessing for gallstones

Completion of the Course:
You will leave with a basic understanding and enough experience to introduce the use of ultrasound in your primary care setting.

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