All About the (Children’s) Paediatric Ultrasound Scan

Today we’re going to talk about paediatric ultrasound.

Paediatric ultrasound is a diagnostic medical test performed on babies and young children. Ultrasound technology utilizes sound waves to help create images of your child’s body.

We understand that a parent’s primary concern is for the comfort and safety of their child.

We help to put you and your child at ease during the ultrasound. The Sonographer will perform the scan with your child mostly positioned laying on his or her back or side and sometimes it will be performed while your child resting in your arms.

The ultrasound is painless and your child should experience no discomfort.

There are several instances when it may be necessary for your child to undergo an ultrasound. Paediatric ultrasound can check for abdominal or pelvic discomfort, causes of urinary tract infections, lumps and bumps, appendicitis and other intestinal problems.

Ultrasounds are perfectly safe for children. There is no radiation or pain associated with the examination.

At ultrasound dimensions, we assure you of your child’s safety. Ultrasound for children is one of the best possible choices for imaging a child. The test is fast, straightforward and highly effective.

If you would like to find out more about the different ultrasound scans we offer for children or to make an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

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