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Gender Reveal: Is it a baby Boy or Girl?

Find out if you are having a baby boy or girl with our gender ultrasound scan service.

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    We can determine baby’s gender anytime between 18 and 40 weeks.

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    Find out the gender of baby and take home high quality keepsake photos.

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    Since 2007, Ultrasound Dimensions has been trusted by over 100,000 patients and doctors.



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Roisin Ingle
Roisin Ingle"I can't recommend them highly enough " workplace


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About Our Gender Ultrasound Scan:

Boy or Girl?! If you want to know what you are having, we are happy to help. The gender scan is a great way to start early bonding with your baby and plan for their arrival. From 18 weeks on we can determine the gender of your baby with an accuracy of 97%. If we cannot determine the gender at your appointment, which rarely ever happens, we will bring you back for a FREE appointment to confirm the gender. This scan is only performed to determine the gender of the baby.

Procedure Includes:

Gender of your baby

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer will show you the gender of your baby.

Glossy picture print

High quality keepsake photo to bring home for you, friends and family!


Gender Scan: €125.00
Gender Scan + Growth Report: €150

Twins Gender Scan: €125.00
Twins Gender Scan + Growth Report €210 (€150.00 + €60 for twin)


The gender ultrasound scan does not replace your hospital scan, gender scans are not detailed medical exams as only the gender of the baby is demonstrated at your request. To check the measurements and assess your baby you can also elect for our Growth Measurements Report for an additional €45.00 (or €60 for Twins). No reduced rate is available for this scan for medical cards.

Have your gender scan today:

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Have your gender scan today:

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Roisin Ingle
Roisin Ingle"I can't recommend them highly enough " workplace
Dr. Conor O’toole
Dr. Conor O’toole" The standard of service is in excess of expectations. The scope of  scanning and standards of reporting are excellent. "

Slievemore Clinic Co. Dublin

Dr. Paul Carson
Dr. Paul Carson"My patients have been availing of the ultrasound services and find it excellent."

Slievemore Clinic Co. Dublin

Kathy Milliken C.I.M.I
Kathy Milliken C.I.M.I"The clinic is beautifully laid out and the sonographer was really lovely. It was amazing to see Baby W in Such detail! " workplace

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Detailed Overview of the gender scan

What is a Gender Ultrasound Scan?

A gender ultrasound scan allows us to look at the fetal genitals to determine whether the baby is a boy or a girl. Many parents want to wait until their baby is born to find out his or her gender. However, other parents want to know as soon as possible. You can find out the baby’s gender as early as your 18th week of pregnancy.

Is it a Boy or Girl?

When women are pregnant, they may have several ultrasounds to look at their baby. The gender ultrasound is done externally just as many other pregnancy ultrasounds are. During the ultrasound, the sonographer can determine if the baby is a boy or a girl. Babies at 18 weeks are quite mobile in the womb but sometimes, when the baby is in a particular position, it can be difficult to determine the gender. In this instance we would then ask the parents to go for a walk to encourage the baby to change position or we will sometimes have to ask Mom to return another day when the visibility is better to determine the gender with confidence.

Why Should I Get a Gender Scan?

Yes, that surprise when the baby is born is certainly exciting. However, a gender scan can be quite useful for parents. If you are having a baby shower guests will have an easier time selecting gifts if they know whether they are shopping for a boy or a girl.

Even more exciting is decorating a room when you know the gender of the baby. This may not be your first baby and knowing the gender helps with decorating the room and also preparing siblings for the new arrival.

In addition to knowing the gender, parents also have the option to include a growth measurements report at the same appointment time to assess the growth and measurements of their baby.

What Else Do I Need to Know About Gender Scans?

Some parents only want to find out the gender in private. In this instance, we ask that you close your eyes while we document the gender. We are happy to put a note in a sealed envelope for you to open when you feel the time is right or not at all. It is good to know you will always have the option of finding out by revealing what is inside the envelope.

When is the Best Time for the Gender Scan?

You can have the gender scan done when you are between 18 and 40 weeks pregnant. Anytime before this, the baby isn't developed enough to tell the gender with confidence.

The results of a gender scan are 97% accurate. We will also have a peek at your baby and give you a beautiful keepsake photo to take home. A gender scan can help you prepare for the arrival of your precious little one and help you further bond with your baby.


Gender Determination Scan FAQs

Do I need to book an appointment?

Yes, ultrasound exams do need an appointment.
If you cannot attend your appointment we appreciate if you can give us 24 hours notice.

What stage do I have a gender assessment scan?

We perform the Gender determination pregnancy scan from 18 weeks of pregnancy onwards. Gender determination ultrasound is 97% accurate.

Many mums-to-be decide to add on a Growth Report ultrasound along with the gender determination ultrasound. During the Growth measurements add on, we can determine the lie & presentation of the baby (breech or cephalic); estimate fetal weight; note the location of the placenta and measure the volume of amniotic fluid around the baby while also evaluating the pregnancy for major abnormalities.

How should I prepare for my gender assessment ultrasound?

When you attend for a gender determination pregnancy ultrasound you do not need a filled urinary bladder to help view the pregnancy. You will need to know your established due date. It is important to wear loose comfortable clothing.

Why is a gender assessment ultrasound performed?

Many mums and dads like to be like to prepare for their future arrival by finding out if it will be a boy or a girl. The gender determination scan is a great way to start early bonding with your baby and get ready for their arrival.

Will I be able to see the scan?

Yes, the ultrasound is available for you to view on a large screen located at the end of the ultrasound couch. The sonographer will explain what you are looking at and point out various items to look at on the ultrasound. You will also be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat. We aim to make this ultrasound scan an enjoyable experience for you.

What to expect at Ultrasound Ireland?

When you arrive at Ultrasound Dimensions you will be met by our receptionist. You will then be asked to complete a waiver, even if you have been here before. You can then relax in our waiting area until the sonographer comes to meet you and take you to the scanning room. Your personal details from your completed waiver will be confirmed by the sonographer before beginning the scan.

How will I be able to find out the gender of my baby?

At 18 weeks or later it is possible to tell the gender of your baby. Determining the sex of the baby depends on baby to be in a position that allows us to visualize the genital area and sometimes the baby may not oblige on the first try! It rarely happens that we cannot see on the day of your appointment but if it does, we bring you back free of charge to determine the gender on another day.

If you want to determine the gender of your baby, please inform us on your registration form and confirm with the sonographer at the start of your scan.

Do I need a doctor's referral for a pregnancy ultrasound?

Pregnancy scans at our centre are elective so you don't have to have a referral. Just call or email to make an appointment.

Can family members attend my ultrasound appointment?

A pregnancy scan is a family affair at our clinic, so you can share your baby scan experience by bringing whomever you want and as many people as you like.


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