Scan of the Week: 30 Week 3D/4D Baby Scan

  Scan of the Week: this sweet baby at 30 weeks during one of our 3D/4D Baby Bonding Scans. Contact us today to book your ultrasound scan, we are open 7 days a week from 9:00AM to 9:00PM.

What is folic acid & why do we need it?

What is folic acid?  Folic acid or folate is one of the B vitamins. Manufactured Folic acid is converted into folate by the body and is used as a dietary supplement. Who needs folic acid? Folic acid is needed for all women during early pregnancy and those who want to conceive, but because pregnancy often … Continue reading “What is folic acid & why do we need it?”

What is a soft tissue ultrasound scan?

A soft tissue ultrasound is done to examine the soft tissues surrounding lumps and bumps and other swellings on the body. Ultrasound can determine whether the lumps are cystic (fluid-filled) or solid. Who is suitable for a soft tissue ultrasound scan? This procedure may be requested for those who have: -Lumps -Enlarged lymph nodes -Infections … Continue reading “What is a soft tissue ultrasound scan?”

Scan of the Week: 6 toes during a 20 Week Scan

No matter if you have 5 or 6 toes, we love each and every one of them.We recently did a Detailed Anomaly Scan// 20-week scan where we discovered 6 toes. The Anomaly Scan essentially examines the baby’s anatomy in a detailed manner and is carried out between 20 and 24 gestational weeks.

Ultrasound Services Overview

During the early stages of pregnancy we know you can feel like a bundle of nerves, so we’re here to help with our pregnancy scan services. Since 2007, at Ultrasound Dimensions we’ve performed thousands of scans for expectant parents. We offer reassurance at all stages of pregnancy. The early scan to confirm your pregnancy and … Continue reading “Ultrasound Services Overview”

Can you bring family & friends to your pregnancy scan appointment?

Can you bring family & friends to your pregnancy scan? The answer is: YES! A pregnancy scan is a family affair at our clinic, so you can share your baby scan experience by bringing whomever you want and as many people as you like.

What is the difference between Diagnostic Ultrasound & Therapeutic Ultrasound?

Diagnostic ultrasound also called diagnostic medical sonography is a non-invasive technique used to image organs inside the body using high-frequency sound waves that are above the audible range. A camera or small handheld transducer along with a bit of gel is used on the skin to obtain the best images possible. These images are seen … Continue reading “What is the difference between Diagnostic Ultrasound & Therapeutic Ultrasound?”

Scan of the Week: Twins at 9 Weeks Gestation

Here is a cute video of twins at just 9 weeks gestation during an Early Pregnancy Scan.

What is Ultrasound?

Today were going to talk about General Ultrasound! When you attend for an Ultrasound Scan, high-frequency sound waves are being produced to capture live images from inside your body. This medical test, also known as sonography, is used to help diagnose the causes of swelling, pain, other causes of abdominal discomfort or to check the … Continue reading “What is Ultrasound?”

When is the best time to attend for an Early Pregnancy Scan?

Today we’re going to talk about when is the best time to attend for your Early Pregnancy Scan. Hi, Siobhan here, Patient Support Specialist at Ultrasound Dimensions. Your home pregnancy test just turned positive. A really good time to come for an early pregnancy ultrasound is no sooner than 6 and a half weeks when … Continue reading “When is the best time to attend for an Early Pregnancy Scan?”