Male Pelvic Scans In Dublin

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Male Pelvic Ultrasound Scans for Public and Private Patients in Ireland

Using ultrasound, a male pelvic scan is a detailed examination of the male pelvis to examine the urinary bladder, area of concern, lower ureters and the size of the prostate if indicated.

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You will need a full bladder for this examination.

If you have a problem keeping a full bladder, you may arrive early to drink your water at the clinic. If you are too uncomfortable, you may void some urine to relieve the pressure but try not to empty the bladder.

Kidneys, appendix and areas of the bowel in the region of concern are often included in the examination.

You will be asked to empty your bladder at the end of the exam and then the sonographer will take more pictures of your bladder to measure the volume of remaining urine.

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Roisin Ingle"I can't recommend them highly enough " workplace
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Dr. Conor O’toole" The standard of service is in excess of expectations. The scope of  scanning and standards of reporting are excellent. "

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Dr. Paul Carson"My patients have been availing of the ultrasound services and find it excellent."

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Kathy Milliken C.I.M.I"The clinic is beautifully laid out and the sonographer was really lovely. It was amazing to see Baby W in Such detail! " workplace
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Pelvic Scan (Male) FAQs

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, ultrasound exams do need an appointment. If you cannot attend your appointment we appreciate if you can give 24 hours notice.

Do I need a referral letter from my GP to book a scan?

Not always. Often you can attend without a GP referral; however, depending on the ultrasound scan requested, we may require a referral from your GP to ensure the correct ultrasound examination is performed.

What is the preparation for a male pelvic exam?

For the male pelvic exam you will need a full bladder. It is recommended that the patient drink 1 litre of water prior to your appointment time. It is best if this is finished at least 20 minutes prior to the scan time in order to allow the liquid to fill the bladder.

What organs are viewed in a male pelvic exam?

With this exam we image and evaluate the bladder and the volume of the prostate.

What happens during the male pelvic scan?

The male pelvic scan is a trans-abdominal scan where the transducer/camera along with gel is placed on the area of concern and scanned. After imaging the bladder and prostate the sonographer will need the patient to empty the bladder and return to the exam room to check that the bladder has completely emptied by measuring the volume left.

How long will the exam take?

The scheduled time for this exam is 30 minutes.

Who will report my pelvic exam?

After the sonographer has completed your exam the images will be sent to a consultant radiologist who will report your scan.

When will I receive my results?

Please note that Sonographers are not permitted to provide verbal results during or after the exam. After the ultrasound images have been thoroughly reviewed by our Consultant Radiologist, the official report will be issued and made available to you and/or your GP, usually within 24-48 hours. We are committed to ensuring the accuracy and reliability of your results and appreciate your understanding and patience.


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