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(Early Pregnancy Scan: 6.5 –11 weeks €105.00)

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early pregnancy scans
Price: 6.5–11 Weeks: €105.00

Since 2007, Ultrasound Ireland has been trusted by over 100,000 expectant parents and doctors. Our Enterprise Ireland award-winning team offers you convenient pregnancy scan appointments to include evenings and weekends. We offer you immediate results on early pregnancy scans in Dublin and always give you peace of mind.

Early Pregnancy Scan (6.5–11 Weeks Pregnant):
This baby scan is performed to establish the presence of a single or multiple intrauterine pregnancy. We look at the heartbeat and measure the embryo to determine the age. This early measurement is very accurate for dating. Anatomical details are limited at this stage.

We use the first day of your last menstrual period to determine the gestational age. We compare that with specific measurements of the embryo by measuring the distance from the top of the head (crown) to the bottom of the body (rump). We may also include measurements of the gestational sac and of the heartbeat. These measurements are very accurate and can determine the expected age even if you are unsure of your last menstrual period.

Procedure Includes:

  • Ultrasound exam
  • Nuchal translucency measurement (optional)
  • Medical obstetric ultrasound report
  • Glossy picture print

Ultrasound Dimensions inception in 2007 was in response to a need for a medical ultrasound centre of excellence. Our highly trained sonographers have maintained strict comprehensive protocols and procedures with state of the art equipment and ongoing education. Since the beginning, this has been our promise to you our valued patient.

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What to Expect At Your 12 Week Baby Scan?

What you might see at your 12 Week Baby Scan:

Early Pregnancy Scan FAQs

Do I need to book an appointment?

Yes, ultrasound exams do require an appointment. If you cannot attend your appointment we appreciate it if you can give us 24 hours notice.

More Details About the Early Pregnancy Scan:

Finding out you're pregnant can be a very exciting or a terrifying feeling. You've probably had a home pregnancy test to confirm a positive result, so now you are off to your first ultrasound.

In the earliest weeks of your pregnancy, the ultrasound will confirm that the pregnancy is not ectopic and is developing within the uterus.

The ultrasound will confirm an embryonic heartbeat and whether the pregnancy is a single or multiple gestation. Inside the gestational sac, ultrasound will reveal a tiny circle called the yolk sac, which supports the pregnancy in the early weeks. After measuring the crown-rump length (CRL) to determine the age of the embryo, the ovaries, uterus, and cervix are also examined for a comprehensive examination. Sometimes these early scans are performed internally for a more accurate assessment.

When is the best time to have an early pregnancy scan?

We perform the early pregnancy scan from 6.5 weeks up to 11 weeks of pregnancy. At 8 weeks you will normally get to see the pregnancy sac, the heartbeat, and embryo. If the scan is performed too early (i.e. before 6 weeks), you may not see the heartbeat. This is nothing to worry about as the heartbeat is not always detectable before this time. If you prefer to wait until 12 weeks, you can see the baby’s head, limbs, hands, and feet.

How should I prepare for an early pregnancy ultrasound?

When you attend for an early pregnancy ultrasound, you will need to attend with a mildly filled urinary bladder to help view the pregnancy. It is important to know your last menstrual period dates if you know and if you have had a positive pregnancy test. It is important to wear loose comfortable clothing. Sometimes it is necessary to perform the ultrasound internally but that will be decided at the time of the appointment. Pregnancy scans at our centre are elective so you don't have to have a referral. Just call or email to make an appointment.

Why is an early pregnancy scan performed?

The early pregnancy scan is completed to confirm your baby’s heartbeat; look for multiples (twins, triplets etc); determine the gestational age, affirm that the pregnancy is in the uterus & determine the estimated due date.

Will I be able to watch the scan while it's happening?

During your pregnancy scan you’ll be able to easily see everything that is happening during your ultrasound scan on a large HD screen. The Sonographer doing your scan will be able to help point out what is on the screen as it can be hard to tell what you are seeing at the various stages of your pregnancy.

What to expect at Ultrasound Ireland?

When you arrive at Ultrasound Ireland you will be met by our receptionist. Your form will be sent to you by sms in advance, even if you have been here before. You can then relax in our waiting area until the sonographer comes to meet you and take you to the scanning room. Your personal details from your completed form will be confirmed by the sonographer before beginning the scan.

How many ultrasounds should I have during my pregnancy?

Diagnostic medical obstetric ultrasounds are a regular part of prenatal care for most pregnant women. Although seeing your baby in real-time ultrasound imaging is a great experience, most pregnant women need very few ultrasounds throughout their pregnancy.

There have been no known reports that confirm harmful biological effects from multiple ultrasounds.

An early scan can date the age of the pregnancy and confirm that there is a single or multiple pregnancy in the correct location. The most important scan is performed at approximately 20 weeks to confirm normal anatomy; you will likely receive this scan at your hospital but we offer them also. As long as these ultrasounds appear normal and as long as Mom's abdomen measurements continue to measure within normal limits, there is no need for further imaging.

Some women who have diabetes or hypertension may be in need of more scans due to their medical conditions. What will I see on my ultrasound images?

Ultrasounds are performed by using high-frequency sound waves that let the Sonographer see what's happening inside your body.

Do I need a GP’s referral for an early pregnancy ultrasound?

Pregnancy scans at our centre are elective, if you do not have a referral, that is okay. Just call or email to make an appointment.

Can family members attend my ultrasound appointment?

A pregnancy scan is a family affair at our clinic, so you can share your baby scan experience by bringing whomever you want and as many people as you like but extended family will only be invited in after we have confirmed that the pregnancy is okay.