The Renal Tract / Kidney Scan

Exam time: 30-45 minutes
(Renal Ultrasound – Kidneys / Bladder €220.00)
(GMS / Medical card price: €200.00)
(Children: €140.00)

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Ultrasound of the renal tract is a very common request. The patient lies on an examination table and to examine the kidneys the sonographer uses warm gel on the abdomen to visualize and take images of the kidneys. The kidneys are positioned on either side of the spine on the back side of the abdomen.

Ultrasound of the kidneys is a useful screening tool for kidney stones, cysts and masses. It can assess complications of obstructive kidney stones. It provides useful information when a patient is in renal failure or if there is blood found in the urine. It can also provide information for those suffering from repeated urinary tract infections.

Note: Be prepared to spend at least 20 minutes at the clinic for this test. There may be an indication that the bladder should be assessed as well and in that instance we may ask you to fill your bladder by drinking several glasses of water.

: €220.00
Medical Card: €200.00
Children: €140.00

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