Pregnancy Scans in Dublin

( 3 Dublin Locations: Blackrock, Santry, Tallaght )

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See your baby with our clear pregnancy scans.

Since 2007 we have helped over 100,000 patients with their pregnancy. From fertility to early pregnancy to 40 weeks.

We offer all levels of pregnancy ultrasounds and are open 9AM to 9PM, 7 days a week.

Our highly experienced medical team uses the latest ultrasound technology and always take the time to answer all your questions, so you leave with peace of mind.



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What stage of pregnancy are you?


Since 2007, Ultrasound Dimensions has been trusted by over 100,000 patients and doctors. Our Enterprise Ireland award winning team offers you convenient appointments and immediate results. We take the time to give you peace of mind.

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Our pregnancy scan services

What pregnancy scan is right for you.

6–11 Weeks €105.00

Advanced Early Scan: 12–19 Weeks €125.00

(Twins Add €50.00)

An early pregnancy scan confirms if you are pregnant and calculates the estimated due date of your pregnancy. Book your pregnancy scan appointment today.

Price: €175.00

(Twins add €50)

The 20 week scan or anomaly scan as it is sometimes called is ideal for those parents looking for reassurance or as a secondary option and provides an…

Price: €125.00
(Twins add €50)

The most accurate way of estimating the risk of a fetus having Down Syndrome or other chromosomal abnormalities is carried out from 12.5 to 13.5 weeks and depends on the age...

Price: €150.00
(Twins add €50)

This Wellbeing pregnancy scan is performed to determine the position, growth and assess the fetus by measuring the size of the fetal head, abdomen, thigh bone…

Price: Starting from €105.00

This scan is performed to determine the gender, position and growth of the fetus. From 18 weeks on we can determine the gender of your baby with an accuracy of 97%.

Price: Starting from €175.00

Baby Scan Ultrasound Centre in Dublin, Ireland. Ultrasound Ireland offers 3D/4D Baby Scan Services. 7 Days a week. 3 Locations Blackrock, Santry, Tallaght. See your baby with our clear 3D baby scans! A bonding experience for expectant couples, families and friends! In addition, baby's measurements & weight report is available.

Why choose Ultrasound Dimensions

Why choose Ultrasound Dimensions

We believe you deserve undivided attention and peace of mind. We believe you deserve to be cared for like family. It’s on these beliefs that Ultrasound Dimensions is built.


docter Experienced Professionals

We are a team of certified Diagnostic Medical Sonographers and Midwives


medical1Detailed & Accurate Report

We offer detailed and comprehensive obstetric reports


docterGet Result On The Day

All results are explained in detail and a hard copy offered for your records

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    Expert testimonial

    What do experts say about us?

    Check out what some of these experts say about Ultrasound Dimension’s services.
    Roisin Ingle
    Roisin Ingle"I can't recommend them highly enough " workplace
    Dr. Conor O’toole
    Dr. Conor O’toole" The standard of service is in excess of expectations. The scope of  scanning and standards of reporting are excellent. "

    Slievemore Clinic Co. Dublin

    Dr. Paul Carson
    Dr. Paul Carson"My patients have been availing of the ultrasound services and find it excellent."

    Slievemore Clinic Co. Dublin

    Kathy Milliken C.I.M.I
    Kathy Milliken C.I.M.I"The clinic is beautifully laid out and the sonographer was really lovely. It was amazing to see Baby W in Such detail! " workplace

    What We Do

    What We Do:
    Our Sonographers can determine how far along you are in your pregnancy. They can perform detailed ultrasound examinations to exclude anomalies and can determine your baby’s gender with 97% accuracy.

    Plus with the latest 3D/4D TrueVue technology you can have a life like sneak peek at who your baby looks like.

    Our Purpose:
    At Ultrasound Dimensions we believe that for those wanting to have a baby we can offer undoubtedly an exciting 9 month journey via elective prenatal ultrasound sessions. Motherhood can be one of the greatest joys a woman can experience and we are here to offer continued reassurance.


    Contact us today to schedule your Ultrasound Scan:

    No Waiting List. Professional Irish Healthcare Practitioners.

    Experienced experts

    Experienced experts

    Team about

    Our team of experienced and specially trained medical staff always use the latest ultrasound technology that enable us to deliver your results fast and accurately to General Practitioners, Referring Consultants, Physiotherapists, Sports Medicine Centres and Women’s Health clinics all over Ireland.

    • No waiting for appointments.
    • High diagnostic accuracy.
    • Comfortable and convenient location.
    • Safe–No Radiation
    • Open 7 days a week from 9:00 A.M.–9:00 P.M. Leave your medical and maternity scans in our expert hands today!

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    Contact Information

    • Tel : 01 210 0232      Fax: 01 902 0038

    • Email : hello@ultrasound.ie
    • Open : 7 days a week       9:00am–9:00pm
    • Address : 21 Main St. Blackrock Co. , Dublin Ireland

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    We are located at the entrance of the Blackrock Market, across from Supermacs on Main Street in the Blackrock Village. Our door is the first door on the left, inside the Blackrock Market Lane.

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