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Join our ultrasound team and work as a sonographer in Ireland. Our centre is nestled in the beautiful landscape of Dublin and we’re always looking for experienced sonographers from around the world. Apply today by emailing hello@ultrasound.ie!

Sonographer Locums / Full Time Sonographer Roles in Dublin, Ireland:

At Ultrasound Ireland, we’re always looking for highly-qualified sonographers to perform ultrasound examinations with limited supervision – preferably with at least two years of experience in an intensive care facility environment. This opportunity allows you to step into an advanced position and gain both professional knowledge and experience.

Our sonographers perform obstetric and general ultrasounds including abdominal, gyne, and vascular scans. This position requires you to exercise mature and independent judgment while being able to interact with patients, the general public, and fellow staff members with a high degree of comradery and optimism.

Our patients are like family to us! We strongly believe that our patients are more than just a number on a medical chart. So, the ability to communicate effectively with them when they are under extreme stress and sometimes fighting the fear of the unknown is as vital to us as your past work experience. Calmly answering patients’ questions and giving them peace of mind is an essential part of our culture here at Ultrasound Dimensions.

Life at Ultrasound Ireland:

Ultrasound Ireland is a private medical centre that specializes in medical and maternity ultrasound services. Since 2007, we have been trusted by thousands of patients and referring practitioners. Our main goal is to provide patients with high-quality, convenient, and affordable ultrasound and scan services in the comfort of a small community environment.

We understand that waiting lists can be difficult on patients, causing them worry, angst, and frustration. So, at Ultrasound Irelan, we recognize how important it is to be flexible with the patient’s schedule to ensure convenient and timely appointments… which is why we are open seven days a week.

When our patients walk into Ultrasound Dimensions, we want them to immediately feel at home in our modern yet cozy atmosphere. We are dedicated to providing the community with the best possible care and services, utilizing the latest ultrasound technology to deliver fast and accurate results to General Practitioners, Referring Consultants, Physiotherapists, Sports Medicine Centres, and Women’s Health clinics all over Ireland.

Being small is our advantage! Because we are a smaller, specialized centre, our environment is much more fast-paced than the average hospital. Being a part of our team entails being fully committed to providing excellence in diagnostic imaging and superior patient care in a compassionate manner.

We are a team of highly trained professionals who understand and value the importance of patient-technician relationship and rapport!

Working Hours:
35 – 40 Hours / Week
Sonogarphers will need to work some evenings and weekends.
This is a full- time flexible scheduled position, when interviewed you can discuss your needs and our needs.


• Required completion of formal training in Diagnostic Sonography and graduated from an accredited school.

• Minimum of two years full time experience as a paid Sonographer in an outpatient or acute care facility.

•Ability to competently perform all the examination listed in the job summary. OB, Abdomen. GYNE and vascular scans

• Required possession of valid Canadian Association of Registered Diagnostic Ultrasound Professionals certificate  or American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographer certificate (ARDMS) or equivalent.

Compensation & Benefits:
•Salary and wages based upon experience / negotiable.

• 4 weeks paid vacation per year

• 9 paid public holidays

The Working Visa Process:
We can assist in the Irish work visa process.

If you are under the age of 30, you are eligible for a working holiday permit. This means that while you are on holiday in Ireland, you will be able to find temporary work for up to 3 months.

If you are over the age of 30, we will work closely with you and guide you through the green card application process. We truly are a family, dedicated to helping you every step of the way on your new journey to join our team!

Need Even More Reasons to Join Our Amazing Team?

  1. Travel to the beautiful country of Ireland, and experience our unique culture.
  2. Gain useful, real-world work experience in a new, exciting place.
  3. Meet interesting people, and aid them with their ultrasound needs.
  4. Work in the private healthcare sector, and gain valuable insight into your future career decisions.
  5. Become a part of a fantastic team (and community) who will welcome you with open arms!

Ready to see more? Check out this short video of just a few of the many highlights our breathtaking country has to offer:

Interested in Applying for a Position with Ultrasound Ireland?
Please email your resume for immediate consideration to info@ultrasound.ie  or post your resume to:

Ultrasound Ireland
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Co. Dublin

For more information about working as a sonographer in Dublin, Ireland contact us or visit our Facebook page:


Thank you for taking the time to consider a ultrasound career opportunity with our centre.