The Liver Scan

Exam time: 15-30 minutes
(Exam Cost: €160.00)


Liver Ultrasound Scan

The Liver Scan is a comprehensive, non-invasive way to assess your liver health. In just 15-30 minutes, this advanced ultrasound technique not only offers a reliable alternative to liver biopsy but also provides crucial information on liver fibrosis, fatty liver content, and liver disease. 

How Does the Liver Scan Work?
Our specialized ultrasound device conducts the liver scan using a probe connected to the ultrasound scanner. This probe assesses the elasticity of your liver tissue, a critical indicator of liver health. The data collected enables an in-depth evaluation of possible scar tissue (fibrosis) and fat deposits in your liver, offering an invaluable snapshot of your liver’s condition.

You will review a report outlining the findings from the scan. This tailored approach ensures you're well-informed and better prepared for any follow-up care needed.

Who Should Consider Getting a Liver Scan?
While many are aware that excessive alcohol consumption can harm the liver, fewer people realize that diet and lifestyle choices can similarly impact liver well-being. In Ireland, about 60% of adults fall into the overweight or obese category, primarily due to caloric overconsumption and sedentary behavior. These factors also contribute to liver health, potentially leading to a condition known as Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD).

Individuals with Type 2 diabetes, elevated fasting glucose levels, weight issues, heart disease, or high cholesterol may find it beneficial to explore their liver health further.

Fortunately, early signs of fatty liver can often be reversed through proactive measures, helping to prevent significant damage and the onset of disease. This is why early detection and screening is crucial.

Who should have a liver scan?
The Liver Scan Service is suitable for  individuals 18 years of age and older. When utilizing this service, we ask that you provide information about your general practitioner.. This enables us to share your test results with your healthcare provider (if needed), facilitating any necessary follow-up care.


  • Avoid this scan if you've engaged in intense physical activity, like running a marathon, in the past 8 weeks.
  • Do not schedule if you've recently been ill or have taken antibiotics or had a COVID-19 infection in the last 4 weeks.
  • Fasting for at least 4 hours is required prior to your consultation.
  • This scan is not for diagnosing liver cancer.


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