Pregnancy and Bloating?!

One of the first signs of pregnancy is bloating which makes you think you may be further along than you really are. Not to worry, bloating in pregnancy even as early as your missed period is normal.

You are not alone if you go to bed with a flat tummy only to wake up looking 5 months pregnant and feeling gassy and bloated.

What causes this feeling of fullness?

Bloating is mostly due to the change in hormones that is happening in your body. The increase in the hormone progesterone relaxes smooth muscle which includes your intestinal tract. Digestion then slows down and can cause constipation and gas and sometimes cramps.The good news is as digestion slows down, more nutrients enter your bloodstream and this is good news for your baby.

Can I relieve gas by changing my eating habits?

Here are some ways to help…

• Drink plenty of water to reduce swelling
• Cut out gassy foods such as broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage and beans
• Eat lots of fiber like barley, leafy greens, nuts and fruits
• Try to eat smaller meals and eat more often
• Chew your food really well and avoid talking while eating
• Dairy products seem to bother some women so if it does, make sure you are getting enough calcium from other sources
• Don’t drink carbonated drinks or chew gum

Is there anything else I can do to relieve gas and bloating?

• Get moving …exercise can speed up your digestion which can help constipation
• Try a yoga class which is not only good for digestion but also good to ready your body for pregnancy and birth
• Try to remain stress free (I know so difficult these days) but when we are stressed we tend to breathe deeply swallowing air.

When Does the Bloating Happen:

As mentioned, bloating can appear as soon as you get a positive pregnancy test when the progesterone that supports the pregnancy increases but it more often happens starting from week 11 and lasting right through the rest of your pregnancy.

Would there be a time when gas during pregnancy can mean something is wrong?

The answer to that is yes. If your discomfort feels more like significant pain or you have diarrhea, nausea or vomiting,  please call your healthcare professional immediately.

Here’s to healthy babies!

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