Is It Safe to Use Nail Polish While Pregnant?

Many moms-to-be wonder if it’s safe to use nail polish while pregnant. The answer to that is we don’t know,.There are some precautions worth taking if you’re planning on painting your nails more than just once in a while. This is because regular exposure to the chemicals in nail polish and nail polish remover can be harmful. These chemicals are TPHP, formaldehyde and toluene.

Formaldehyde is the chemical that makes your nail polish harden. It has been proven to increase the risk of cancer in those who are exposed to high amounts of it—not too likely when you’re just painting your nails, however, it can irritate your nose, eyes, and throat when you breathe it in. It may not be harmful to your unborn baby though, as your body breaks it down quickly long before it could reach your baby.

Toluene offers similar risks when inhaled on a regular basis and can cause birth defects, but again, this would only be the case when exposed to large amounts of it on a very regular basis, which would be unlikely when you’re simply painting your nails.

TPHP is triphenyl phosphate, a substance that makes nail polish more flexible and durable. Studies have shown it could also disrupt hormones that regulate metabolism.

For those of you who would like to keep your nails looking lovely all the way through your pregnancy, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you and your baby remain as safe as can be:

• Limit your use of nail polish to special occasions.

• Choose nail polishes that are free of formaldehyde, toluene and TPHP..

• Polish your nails in a properly ventilated space, such as by an open window.

• Make the effort to keep your hands further away from your face while your nails are drying so you inhale less of the fumes.
• Wearing a mask helps prevent inhaling fumes or better yet ask someone else to paint your nails.

• Opt for light colors that show less wear and tear so you can still enjoy a well manicured look with fewer touch ups.

• The conclusion is inescapable that anyone who paints their nails with brands of nail polish that contain harmful chemicals stands the chance of coming into contact with harmful ingredients and it is unknown whether these chemicals will harm your unborn baby.

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