3 Reasons To Have A 3D Baby Scan

From the moment you find out that you’re pregnant, you start wondering about the little person who has now taken up residence in your womb. You begin changing your eating habits, making sure you are getting enough sleep, and generally taking good care of the life you’re now carrying.

At Ultrasound Dimensions in Dublin, Ireland, we’re always thrilled when a patient calls requesting one of our 3D baby scans because we know that they’ll get to meet their baby to be and start bonding before baby is even born.

Determining the Sex

Many parents want to know the gender of their baby. It’s probably the one item you’re most curious about. Having a 3D baby scan makes it very easy to see the sex of your unborn baby. A 3D scan gives you a better picture, so it’s easy to find out whether you should be decorating the nursery in pink or in blue. Of course, finding out the gender of your new arrival is completely optional. Many parents prefer to be surprised on the big day. 

Ease Sibling Rivalry From The Beginning

Young children don’t always understand what’s going on when Mum says she’s going to have a baby. Even though they experience her belly getting bigger, and Mum and Dad are saying there’s going to be a new baby, it can sometimes be difficult for them to know what that means, exactly. Your children will love seeing their new brother or sister on a 3D baby scan. Because they’ll be able to see facial features, it will be easier for them to connect with the baby too, and you might experience a little bit less of that sibling rivalry that usually follows after a new baby is brought home from the hospital.

Involvement for Dad

While all dads love seeing their child on the ultrasound, 2D scans are more difficult to decipher. A 3D baby scan allows parents to see the baby’s physical features, even distinguishing his or her facial features. Dads don’t get the privilege of being with their unborn baby 24/7, so 3D scans help them to feel more connected to their child.

A 3D baby scan will clarify many of your questions, and will tell you much of what you want to know about your baby. Are you ready to make your appointment? Simply contact us today!


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