Make Your Pregnancy Scans More Memorable For First Time Parents In Dublin, Ireland

Make Your Pregnancy Scans More Memorable For First Time Parents In Dublin Ireland
When you are expecting a baby you are required to have routine pregnancy scans as part of your prenatal appointments to check on the progress of your baby. For first time parents, these scans will be very exciting as they anticipate seeing how their baby is developing as the pregnancy progresses.


Pregnancy Scans are routinely scheduled at:

  • 5-17 weeks for an early pregnancy scan to establish the presence of a single or multiple intrauterine pregnancy. The heartbeat and the embryo are examined to determine the exact gestational age of the baby as well as checking the health of your baby for the presence or absence of any physical abnormalities.
  • after 18 weeks for the detailed anatomy scan which is ideal for those parents looking for reassurance or as a secondary option when an earlier screening test has not been performed. It provides an added opportunity to assess the baby’s well being.
  • 18-40 weeks for the gender assessment scan which is performed to determine the gender of your baby with an accuracy of 97 %.
  • 11.2-13.6 weeks for the nuchal translucency scan which is not a diagnosis but can identify those babies that may be at risk of having a chromosomal abnormality such as Down Syndrome.
  • 18-40 weeks for the well baby pregnancy scan which is performed to determine the position, growth and the health of the fetus by measuring the size of the fetal head, abdomen, thigh bone and calculation of an estimated fetal weight.


While keeping these in mind, soon-to-be parents will want to put their trust in the best sonographers from Dublin’s Ultrasound Dimensions and make this new experience more memorable without the long waits, more flexibility with appointments, and a calm, stress free atmosphere. By booking an appointment with us, you will receive excellence. For more information, contact us today!


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