My doctor says my baby weighs only 1 pound so why have I gained 15?

Do you know the correct answer?
A) Blood, breast, and baby fat are heavy baggage.
B) Pregnancy slows your metabolism which makes you gain weight?
C) The placenta weighs 14 pounds.
D) You are eating too many Twinkies.

The correct answer is A)

You will gain weight as your pregnancy progresses. You will gain approximately 30 pounds overall by the time you are ready to give birth some of you gaining a bit less or a bit more depending upon your pre-pregnancy weight.

So here’s the breakdown:

Your Baby weighs: 7-8 pounds
The Placenta: 1-2 pounds
Your Uterus: 2 pounds
The Amniotic Fluid weighs about: 2 pounds
Your breast tissue weighs : 2 pounds
The increase in your blood volume is 4 pounds
Extra mummy fluid in your tissue weighs 4 pounds
And your extra fat and nutrient stores weighs 7 pounds
For a whopping total of approximately 30 pounds


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