What skin products should I avoid during pregnancy?


  • A) Certain anti-aging creams and cosmetics. 
  • B) Hemorrhoid creams.
  • C) All products containing blue or red dyes.
  • D) All products containing a sun block. 

The correct answer is: A)

Most products you use on your skin are safe however there are some known to cause birth defects and should be used with caution: 

  • – Retinoids used for wrinkles and preventing acne
  • – Salicylic Acid also used to treat acne
  • – BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) a form of salicylic acid used in some exfoliants to treat wrinkles
  • – Self-tanners not yet proven safe during pregnancy 
  • – Hair removal products 
  • – Soy-based products 


Although most makeup and skin products are safe it is important to understand the ingredients of what you are lathering on your skin.

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