True or False: Do Babies Cry In The Womb?

It’s True: Ultrasound imaging of babies in the womb suggests that 28-week-old babies can silently “cry” in response to a noise. To further investigate this, researchers played 90 different sounds via a speaker placed on the abdomen of pregnant women and recorded the reactions using an ultrasound scan. They discovered a visible reaction that mirrored … Continue reading “True or False: Do Babies Cry In The Womb?”

Can Babies Hear Sounds Inside The Womb?

Can babies hear sound inside the womb? Did you know babies start to experience the outside world when they are still in the womb. A 2015 study showed that babies are able to respond to sounds as early as 16 weeks into pregnancy! Fetuses are able to react to their mother’s voice and movements, but … Continue reading “Can Babies Hear Sounds Inside The Womb?”

First Trimester Facts!

The first trimester is a fascinating time for a baby’s development. Seven weeks into the pregnancy, the baby’s head, face and brain start developing. From week eight onwards, the baby’s ears, nose, lips and fingers start forming as well. By week twelve, the baby will start growing fingernails! The size of a foetus at this … Continue reading “First Trimester Facts!”

Have you been experiencing cravings during your pregnancy?

Have you been experiencing cravings during your pregnancy? Hi Siobhan here from Ultrasound Ireland. Did you know that, based on numerous studies, cravings during pregnancy happen as a response to all the hormonal changes happening in your body. These hormonal variations can also explain why some pregnant women prefer some foods over others. Many also … Continue reading “Have you been experiencing cravings during your pregnancy?”

Nine Factors that Influence Fertility

For more info or to make an appointment for one of our fertility scan services, visit our fertility scan pages here. Making the decision to begin building your family is one of those major life steps many of us spend a long time looking forward to. Firstly what is fertility? Female fertility is the ability … Continue reading “Nine Factors that Influence Fertility”

Scan of the week: 22 Week Baby Scan

This sweet baby at 22 weeks during our Well Baby Scan. This scan is typically performed from 20-40 weeks and is a great opportunity to bond with your baby & offer reassurance as your pregnancy progresses.

3D Scan at 29 Weeks – Look at those hands!

This adorable baby at 29 weeks during our Well Baby Scan (performed from 20-40 weeks).

12 Week Baby Scan!

This sweet baby is just 12 weeks old! This video was taken during our Advanced Early Scan (performed from 12-19 weeks). 

Scan of the Week: Waving Hand!

This adorable baby waving hello at 22 weeks during our Detailed Anomaly Scan also known as the “20 Week Scan“. This is a very comprehensive exam where we look at your baby’s internal organs, heart, chest, stomach, bladder, legs, arms, spine, bones and much more. For further information on this scan visit our website … Continue reading “Scan of the Week: Waving Hand!”

Before & After: 3D/4D Scan

Here is a beautiful ‘before & after’ photo from one of our clients- a 3D ultrasound scan performed at 29 weeks. If you want to find out more about the different pregnancy scans we offer visit: